Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 21st Annual Salt Spring Film Festival, Friday February 28 - Sunday March 1, 2020!

The Salt Spring Film Festival requires the help of many volunteers each year in every area, from marketing to projectionists. We appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers and take pride in creating a solid team in all departments.

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Have you volunteered for the Film Festival before? If so, what year? What position did you do?

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Reception/hospitality desk (Sat/Sun)Box office (Fri eve/Sat/Sun)Room monitors (Sat/Sun)Projectionist (Sat/Sun)Set-up/take-down (Fri afternoon/Sun eve)Decor/signage (Fri afternoon/Sun eve)Food service (Fri eve/Sat/Sun)Door monitors/ushers/crew (Fri eve)

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Friday March 1st - afternoon set-upFriday March 1st - eveningSaturday March 2nd - morningSaturday March 2nd - afternoonSunday March 3rd - morningSunday March 3rd - afternoonSunday March 3rd - early evening for take-down

If you would like to sign up for more than one position or shift, please provide details here:

The Film Festival is also seeking people to be committee leaders of certain areas of the festival. This involves some pre-planning and leadership. Would you be interested in being a committee leader? We're looking for people to lead the following areas: graphics, logistics, setup/strike, projectionists. Let us know which areas interest you and what skills you have.