The Festival

The Salt Spring Film Festival Society is a non-profit charitable society incorporated in 2008, whose mission is to educate, inspire and activate our community through a Festival of independent documentary film from Canada and around the world. We present films that explore social justice, the environment, art and culture, politics and food security. Filmmakers are invited to the Festival to present their films and lead lively discussions.

Since 1996

History of the Festival


Therin Gower, President
David Abbey, Vice President
Bruce Eggertson, Secretary
Neil Martin, Treasurer
Jim Meadows, Director
Katharine Atkins, Director
Diane Copeland Thomas, Director
Cliff Knox, Director
Diana Morris Knox, Director
Noni Peck, Director
Leith Martin, Director
Brook Holdack, Director
Christine Welsh, Director


James Cowan, Festival Manager
Steve Martindale, Marketing & Publicity
Tracy Harrison, Film Coordinator


Diana Morris Knox, Decor
Leith Martin, Food
Noni Peck, Fundraising
David Abbey, Hospitality
Cliff Knox, Logistics
Tracy Harrison & Therin Gower, Membership
Judy McPhee, Projectionists
Brook Holdack, Social Justice Bazaar 
Katharine Atkins, Venue Set-Up 
Therin Gower, Volunteers
Jim Meadows & Tracy Harrison, Website
Marcelle Roy, Zero Waste Management 
Diane Copeland Thomas & Tracy Harrison, Graphics
James Cowan, Technical
Jim Meadows, Box Office 
James Cowan & Tracy Harrison, Marketing & Publicity
Steve Martindale, Film Synopses