Saturday March 4th, 2017 12:30pm Vesuvius room


The fashion industry’s detrimental effects on humanity can no longer be denied. Chemical-intensive washes, dying processes, bleaching, and fabric printing can involve heavy metals, including lead and mercury, which factories often discharge into rivers. The wastewater changes both the colour and smell of rivers, sometimes into a reeking, oozing mass. Mark Angelo, notable river conservationist, has researched some solutions. Around the world are new technologies, which allow for jeans production without the requisite of water or toxins to create a similar look. A call to action is required for making change and advocating solutions for a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion production.

About The Attending Filmmaker
Roger Williams is a Gemini-nominated Director of Photography who has worked for some of the world’s most respected broadcasters and entertainment companies. He’s not only produced entertaining and enlightening programming, but his company Inspired Image Picture Company Inc. is one of Canada’s largest and most respected production service and rental companies. His work has crossed from documentary, to reality, to drama, as well as commercials. If there is a constant theme running through Roger’s work it’s based on his philosophy to create productions with purpose and compelling content that matters to viewers. RiverBlue is a documentary that not only fits this mandate, but clean water is a subject that matters to a man who, for years, has been passionate about boating on the waters off the coast of beautiful British Columbia.

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