Elder In The Making

Discovering the unforgettable landscape that holds an oft-forgotten history on the Alberta plains, first generation Chinese Canadian filmmaker Chris Hsiung journeys with a young Blackfoot Nation guide, Cowboy Smithx, deep into the heart of traditional Blackfoot territory. With the aim of understanding the real history behind the signing of Treaty 7, which effectively ceded First Nations ownership rights to their lands in 1877, the duo surveys aspects of Aboriginal life past and present in hopes of reconciliation and a shared modern consciousness. Gorgeously shot, informative and not a little surprising, Elder in the Making confirms the effort required for gaining cultural wisdom.

About the filmmaker
Business consultant, software engineer, video storyteller or student of the human venture, Chris Hsiung refuses to be defined by titles. Instead, he prefers to be guided by a spirit of learning about the world around him. Chris is the owner of Hidden Story Productions, a small video company that helps people use video as a tool to educate, engage or advocate for social issues through short documentary stories or creative projects. Chris spends much of his time presenting and researching curriculum through Leadership Calgary, a program studying the successes and failures of human civilization, and he's also the Creative Production Director for TEDxCalgary.

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